Wednesday, February 9, 2011


hi friends you will be happy if you got to know that Google has introduce multiple sign in with there accounts.
that is mean if you have more than one Google account than you can loging in you account at same time in same
browser and you can handle all account,no need to use two or three browser for loging.

So here are steps to activate multiple loging in your gmail account:

1. Open you gmail account and click on SETTINGS.


2. Now click on Accounts and imports.

3. Here you will find Google accounts setting,
just click on Google account settings,
A new tab with google account settings will open.

4. In google account settins you will find multiple logining
under the personal settings,click on edit one window will open.

5. Next step is like just click on ON and checked some box and click on save.

6. Now go to your gmail inbox there you find you gmail id(Right upper corner).
click on arrow one dop down menu will appear and finally click signin to another account.

7. thats it enjoy your multiple login.


thank you very much for information

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