Monday, April 4, 2011

Download Torrent With High Speed

hi everybody today I'm going to write about how to download torrent file at maximum speed,
sometime it is really frustrating to download movie using some third party torrent
software(because  they wont give high speed as you have your bandwidth),
so today i will tell you one trick that help you out to download your torrent file
at maximum speed (according to your bandwidth),so may be heard about third party
download accelerators(like: IDM, DAP, ORBIT  ) they use some technique because of
that you are able to download your file at maximum speed,
so here is trick you don have to install a third party torrent software you can download your torrent using your third party download accelerators.
You have just follow the instruction it is very easy and fast.check the instruction below.....

1: open your browser and open

2: open any torrent website (like your favorite torrent site) and download your torrent and follow the pictures:

 3: now open and follow the pictures

4: Enjoy your downloading, if you have any query please leave a comment


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